Day Nursery ensures that children who attend are ready-to-learn when they enter kindergarten.

"I am thankful to have a supportive family away from my family to care for my son."

- Alyssa Witt

"We have put our trust in the care and services of Day Nursery of Abilene for over eight years. I have always been extremely pleased with the friendly and reliable staff of DNA as well as programs and curriculum for each age group. As a working mom, DNA has given me the confidence to feel proud to go to work every day and know that my children are in great hands and are getting the tools they need to grow intellectually and develop relationships that will help them transition smoothly into grade school."

- Ali Holoman

"The Day Nursery of Abilene provides quality child care at a great value. After taking my children there for six years, the dedicated staff feels like family, and I am so happy with my decision!"

- Kassidy Nygaard

"Day Nursery is wonderful! We are so happy to have you all in our lives and caring for my sweet baby Sonya Kate!"

- Mary Collins

"I like Day Nursery of Abilene on Cedar Street because 1st my kids love it here so it makes it comfortable when I leave also the staff is very friendly and helpful with whatever situation. Great environment."

- Yaritza Rivera

"The Day Nursery has been a huge blessing in our lives. I am grateful to know my child is in a safe and loving environment."

- Christina Pitre

"I like Day Nursery because they provide a safe loving place for my children to go while I work to provide for my family. I love that when I pick them up they are happy and well cared for. Thank you Day Nursery!"

- Kristen Sunout

"Day Nursery of Abilene provided my boys with valuable educational opportunities, but just as important allowed them to flourish as great individuals!"

- Mindy Patterson

"I love Day Nursery because of the staff. Their communication is amazing. They keep me informed on my children's well-being. I would recommend them for childcare for others."

- Chris Daughtery

"I feel that our lives are richer now for all the love, care and devotion we received while with Day Nursery of Abilene."

- Sophie Rodriguez

"As a parent; it does my heart good, to hear from my 4 year old daughter - Daddy; I love school."

- Eric Lund RN

"Our kids have been attending Day Nursery of Abilene on Cedar for 5 years now. Through that time the staff have become a second family to my kids. They have worked with us during hard times with the scholarship program. We truly love our friends at Day Nursery. Thanks for all you do."

- The King Family

"I want you to know that Baby Will (and us too) have had the most amazing experience at Day Nursery. We really love having him there. Knowing he’s in a happy environment with people we like and trust keeps our anxious new parent minds at ease."

- Elyse & Patrick Lewis

"Words cannot express how grateful and appreciative we are to the staff and organization of the Day Nursery of Abilene. My son began attending DNA at Sherry Lane when he was 8 weeks old. From the first day he was dropped off, I never once doubted the competence of those who watched him. It is transparent and obvious how much the staff care for each child in the center. DNA’s cost is incredibly affordable, plus food is included, which makes life so much better. I’m so happy this organization is available in Abilene."

- Mary & Anthony Burke