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Attention Parents:

With the unfortunate rise in cases of COVID in our community over the past few months, Day Nursery of Abilene continues to be diligent in taking steps to assure the safety of your children by keeping our child care centers clean and sanitized each day.  This is a necessity for maintaining a safe and healthy, learning environment children, families, and staff.

Anytime there is an exposure in the centers, the same steps are followed.  First, the local health department is contacted to seek their latest local advice and guidance.  Second, parents in the classroom where the exposure took place are contacted to swiftly notify them of the plan of action and give them suggestions on watching for sign/symptoms as well as advice on prevention.  And third Child Care Regulations is contacted. By following these steps of the experts in our area, Day Nursery strives to continue to keep classrooms open, when possible, for working parents, notifying them with details so that they can make their own decision for what best fits their family’s needs for continue to bring their children or keep them at home.

Day Nursery continues to need the help of each family too.  To be successful with maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment, parents are asked to not bring their children to our centers when they are sick.  They need to remain at home. Additionally, please remember that all parents must wash theirs and their child’s hands immediately upon arrival.  This has always been a Day Nursery practice and requirements as a parent/child morning activity however it is imperative it be done without question especially now.  

Finally, please be assured that the directors in all our centers are making sure that all Day Nursery safety, cleaning and sanitizing requirements are followed.   Our program director is up to date in every situation of each exposure in a center and continues to monitor and assure that operations are continuing as they always have and in accordance with the CDC and Child Care Regulation guidelines.

Thank you as always for entrusting the Day Nursery of Abilene with your most precious children as their child care provider!

Cynthia PearsonPresident/CEO
Day Nursery of Abilene

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